Lake Como: boat tour

When we decide to dedicate you an all-Italian vacation, the most tranquil and deserving place is certainly Lake Como. However, here the ideal way to fully experience its wonders is to explore it and contemplate it with a water tour. The advice is to make beautiful excursions from Lezzeno or Bellagio that will allow you to easily reach the places of interest not to be missed.
The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to discovering Lake Como by boat! The beauty of the ferry tour In the port of Cono there are truly a myriad of ferries, hydrofoils and boats that at regular and ordered intervals allow tourists to make their tour at Lake Como, and some of them also offer bar service and delicious meals. Typically summer tours usually start from the month of May, and you can have access to a multitude of detailed information.

Boat rentals and private tours

Boat rentals on Lake Como are offered along the harbor by a wide range of different suppliers, which are offered to all service tourists with or without a captain. For most boats of 40 hp, a special license is not required, so even amateurs can cruise the boat at their leisure.

Lake Como Villas & Vacations Rental

It should be emphasized that for a holiday here you need a place to stay overnight. So here we recommend that you opt for Lake Como Villas & Vacations Rental which offers services of total comfort and realx.
In this way the holiday experience will have a value quite different from what we expect, obviously in positive. The guest will be pampered and spoiled making him feel at home.

Tour of the central part of the Lake

To fully experience the atmosphere and the beauty of its places, it is therefore advisable to board a boat and get back to the knowledge of an expert guide who will give life to this scenario of extraordinary fascination with stories and anecdotes from the past that are part of this area. The first stop will be the enchanting Varenna, where you can immerse yourself in the cobbled streets passing in front of the houses characterized by colors and pastel colors.
Then, once you have crossed the lake at its widest point, before reaching Cadenabbia you can already begin to see the splendid Villa Carlotta. After a long and marvelous guided tour of the 17th century villa, it is advisable to go to the gardens which are made even more beautiful by terraces and fountains, statues and stairways where you can breathe the heady scent of rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias.

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