Sometimes it is really hard for a girl to bear and tackle so many mood swings and pain at the same time. Especially when she is going to be a mother having a baby and realizing it to become a mother is such a combination of mixed emotions and feelings. Sometimes you really don’t know how to react.

There are so many things which you have to know as pre-advice like as getting a pregnant first time means you have to know so many things like how to sit, what to do and what not to do, the tests, reports and sudden mood swings. The feel, how to react during the time of pain, nausea, vomit and so on like your doctor is no doubt your essential and main guide but apart from your doctor few basic knowledge also playing an active role and help you out throughout your pregnancy era.

Motherhow is the way through which you can aware about some basic guidelines and advice regarding pregnancy and all.

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