When we talk of journeys or trips for long distances, we usually categorize groups into three types, i.e. small groups (5-6 people or slightly more), medium groups (10-20 people) and large groups (20-50 people or even higher). Now, if you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of arranging an excursion for a medium or smaller group, you may already be worrying about getting the travel arrangements right.

Hiring a big bus is not the solution since this will prove to be more expensive and will not make sense if you have a medium-sized group. Here is where a tempo traveller for rent will come in really handy. Tempo travellers are somewhat laden with nostalgia for a large chunk of the Indian population, particularly those who have grown accustomed to seeing these rugged and durable vehicles ferrying groups of people for diverse purposes and to various destinations. Indeed, there is no practical alternative to the tempo traveller. It is a versatile vehicle that can seat anywhere between 9-15 people in terms of overall capacity. Tempo travellers also offer enhanced comfort and legroom while travelling.

Tips on arranging tempo travellers for long journeys

Now, what you can do is book your tempo traveller for rent at redBus since you will naturally have a higher variety of options to choose from here. A Tempo Traveller is what will give you ample space and personal comfort while you can be assured of total reliability and safety during your journey. All vehicles at redBus are thoroughly examined prior to being rented out. Additionally, you can expect unmatched comfort while travelling, something that will keep you fresh for whatever you have planned at your destination.

There are multiple tempo traveller options to choose from online. You can take a look at both non-AC and AC (air conditioned) tempo traveller models. There are models manufactured by leading brands like Tata Winger, Force and Bajaj among others which are operated by leading Indian travel agencies. redBus is where you will find all the options you desire with diverse configurations for seating. These include 9+D (driver), 12+D, 14+D, 13+D, 15+D, 19+D, 17+D and even 20+D. All you need to do is choose your preferred tempo traveller online and book it straight away.

What you can expect

When you book a tempo traveller for rent online at redBus, you will have several things to watch out for. These include friendly and helpful drivers who will make sure that you are taken smoothly to your final destination on time and of course, a few basics. These include the following:

  • Push Back Seats for greater comfort
  • Clean and hygienic seat covers
  • First Aid Box for emergencies or tackling small cuts/bruises if required
  • Ample space for luggage

These are some basics that you should insist upon while booking your tempo traveller. Additionally, if you opt for a plusher model that comes with a music player and LED television, then you will enjoy your journey with more distractions and will be able to pass your time more easily. Of course, remember that these are optional features that may not always be available. You can rent a tempo traveller from redBus across cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Hyderabad. There are several exclusive and luxury options available for your perusal as well.

Key occasions for hiring tempo travellers

Tempo travellers come in handy across a variety of occasions. These may include a picnic with friends and family or even office colleagues to corporate tours and events. They are frequently needed for weddings and pilgrimages along with vacations/holidays with friends and loved ones along with school/college excursions and field trips.

Weekend getaways with the extended family or friends may also be smoother if you have the right tempo traveller at hand. Whatever be the occasion or purpose, you can now seamlessly get a tempo traveller for rent online without any hassles whatsoever.

Some advantages that you get

When you book with redBus, you do get a few advantages that you will definitely appreciate. Firstly, you get ample inventory of tempo travellers which include models from top vehicle providers in your specific city. Secondly, you also get to see the images of the vehicle and learn about the details of the same. You can thus compare between multiple vehicles which are available prior to finalizing your decision. This helps you take an informed decision at all times and that too from the comfort of your home or office.

Thirdly, there are no booking fees payable for tempo traveller bookings at redBus which is another major plus point. There is a fully transparent pricing structure which is all-inclusive without any hidden charges or costs. As a result, if you’re in charge of a new expedition with friends and family members or colleagues, simply visit redBus and book your tempo traveller without further ado.

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